Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crescent engineering college

After school we all go to the colleges and there are lots of colleges here . But the Crescent engineering college is one of the best college here . B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College is located in Vandalur, a suburban area of Chennai, India. The college located on G.S.T Road, which is part of the Indian national highway system. It is situated right next to Vandalur Zoo and is spread over acres of greenary along the GST road.Crescent Engineering college was established as a private self-financed engineering college in 1984. Crescent is amongst the top 3 private self-financed engineering colleges in Chennai.Currently it is affiliated to Anna University. It offers 4 year engineering courses to students, who have completed 12 Std (Plus 2) and 3 year courses for students who have a 3 Year Technical Diploma and a SSLC certificate (Lateral Entry Students).The college campus has 2 Basket Ball courts, 2 Volley Ball courts, 4 Tennis Courts, 2 field Hockey grounds, 1 Soccer ground and 2 Cricket grounds. All the grounds are huge. There are also Table Tennis (Ping Pong) tables within the college. The college also has a splendid auditorium, modern buildings, laboratories and a cafeteria to support its students and staff. It also offers student housing/hostel facilities within the campus.The academic year in Crescent Engineering College is usually similar to other colleges in the same university. The academic term for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students begins during June-July timeframe. The specific date is announced adhoc at the end of the previous term. Since Admissions to Engineering colleges are completed only in July, 1st year students start around August-September.
The engineering course is divided into 8 semesters. The odd semesters start from June-July and end in October/November. The even semesters begin in December and end in April/May. Students typically get anything between 1 week to 3 weeks vacation between semesters.
Typically students finish the course in 4 years. However, as per Anna University policy they have a maximum of 7 years to finish the B.E course. I am going to end my college life here . i have lots of sweet memories here in this awesome college.


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