Monday, May 12, 2008

Gone baby gone

I loved this movie. That's really all there is to say. But since I must review all movies I see, I must give this a nice comprehensive review as well.I love the fact that the first few minutes of the movie were spent just giving you a look at Boston, leaving you with one question. Why would anyone want to live there if it's as it's portrayed? That is what really made this movie effective for me. You are witnessing the extreme underbelly of America, you'd never want to live where these characters are living. I really don't know if the movie really captures how Boston really is, having never been there but I'm going to give Affleck the benefit of the doubt, considering I know he grew up in Boston. So I'm assuming Ben knew what he was doing. And the Boston background of this movie is really what clinched it for was very effective in setting the mood. Casey Affleck deserves every award coming to him. His skills as an actor are only getting better.He was fantastic as Patrick Kenzie the private investigator investigating the kidnapping of little Amanda McCready. He showed amazing heart and passion. Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman, along with the ever-amazing Michelle Monaghan headed a huge supporting cast that helped further portray the issues and controversy behind the law when children are involved.Based on a book written by Dennis Lehane (of Mystic River fame), this film will bring out a lot of emotions, from anger at every person who didn't pay attention to these disappearing kids, to sadness and empathy for Patrick as he uncovers what happens to these unfortunate children and why.Watch it i am sure you will enjoy it .


shimumsy said...

i just saw this movie the other day. it showed you the different side of boston and i think this happens anywhere right now. i like this movie.