Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Marina beach

There will be no one who doenst know about this great beach in the southern part of India . I go to this place every week because i like goin there .The Marina Beach is a beach situated along a 12 km shoreline in the city of Chennai, India along the Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian Ocean. Unlike the short, rocky formations that make up the Juhu Beach in Mumbai on the west coast of India, the Marina is primarily sandy.Although many locals claim the Marina to be the world's longest (or second longest) beach, there exist in fact several longer beaches, including Praia do Cassino in Brazil (which is actually the longest beach in the world stretching up to 240 km), Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh, Padre Island on the US Gulf Coast, Ninety Mile Beach in Australia and Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand. A similar beach exists in Dubai, UAE. However, unlike the other beaches, it is an urban beach similar to the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The width of the beach at the most widest stretch is 437 meters long.
Visiting Marina beach is a tourist spot. People come for the beach side shops, many samadhis, morning walk, jog, lovers spot, kids take bath or wet their feet, get fresh (salty) air etc. Parallel to Marina beach is the beach road that's reasonably wide and has lots of Status. There is an auqarium on the on Marina.

While you are sitting on the beach sand, smart merchants (young and old) try to sell you chat food., a tsunami caused by an earthquake struck the shores of Chennai at around 8:30 AM. The entire coastline of Chennai, including Marina beach, was affected. Sea waters engulfed the entire Marina beach, whose width is quite large. Morning joggers, children playing cricket were among those affected. The worst hit was the fishing community settled nearby the beaches. In all, the tsunami left behind 206 dead[2] in Chennai and caused destruction to the properties of the people in the city. While recovery has been difficult, the fishing community has been hard at work rebuilding their treasured coastline to boost their morale and make the area attractive to vacationers. It was held that since it was a Sunday morning, casualties were actually lesser, given the fact that people throng the beach on evenings. We go there every week mostly saturday morning and play . One of the lovely places here in India .